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The Western mass media dissect the news about Crimea in such a way as to justify the imposition of sanctions against Russia and conceal the truth about the choice of millions of people. In these circumstances people's diplomacy gives a real chance for residents of the region to convey their position to the international community.

Residents of Crimea tell about how their lives have changed six years after the referendum on the status of the peninsular. We have surveyed young, elderly and middle-aged people: what kind of changes they witness? Let's find out together what people think in this video.

«Why are they so afraid to listen to the people who represent Donbass?» Statement of the minister of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People's Republic, Natalia Nikonorova on the meeting of the UN Security Council. After minute 09:30 her speach at the United Nations and answers to the questions of the Russian Permanent Representative to the United...

Exclusive report from Armenian journalist Zara Babukhanyan about the actual situation in Armenias capitol Yerevan. After our first interview four weeks ago, the events in Armenia have flipped over and Zara has done an exclusive Report and interview for our channel, which gives an up-to-date insight into the political situation.

Interview with Professor Dr. Anatoly Kubyshkin of the Federal University of Simferopol in Crimea about the development of the Russian vaccine against Covid-19.

Interview with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea, Dr. Georgy Muradov about western sanctions against Crimea, the issue of human rights and the geopolitical Situation of Europe. He claims: Crimean Lives Matter !