Head of Norway's Delegation on Crimea: 'Nice Place Where People Live in Peace' (Sputnik)

Kilde: Sputnik

Russisk nyhetsbyrå Sputnik snakket med Hendrik Weber når han ledet norsk delegasjon i Krim og forteller om deres reise.

While European countries are keeping sanctions against Russia amid its reunification with Crimea, more and more EU residents are eager to come to the peninsula and see the local situation with their own eyes.

The delegation includes representatives of different professions and backgrounds, whose main goal is to show their compatriots that Crimea is "a nice place, that people are living in peace and that there is no war here," Weber said.


In late September, Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Georgy Muradov said that over 100 foreign delegations, along with prominent political and public figures, had already visited Crimea over the past year and a half.