Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Moscow, March 18, 2021



Hendrik Weber's book Our Crimea

To all the statements made by our Western colleagues who say they would love to go to Crimea but they are not allowed to go there (by whom it is not clear though) - Germany's UN Representative Christoph Heusgen recently claimed exactly that - we patiently respond (and Western public figures are helping us now) that all you need is the will and a little money for a ticket.

President of the People's Diplomacy Norway public organisation Hendrik Weber recently published his book, Our Crimea. Moscow publishing company Ketlerov released the book in Russian in 2020.

The book originally came out in German in 2019. It should be an informative read for Germany's UN Representative Christoph Heusgen. You could at least start with the book written in your native German language by a person who has visited Crimea many times. You could call the author. He will tell you that the book is real, it is not fake. And he will tell you where to buy tickets to Crimea and how to get there.

I will not recite the content of the book. You might want to read it yourself. Our Western partners are the ones we want to inform about it first. Don't tell us about Crimea. We all can travel there and do it with pleasure. Our Western colleagues live in a mythological world they created where they are allegedly prohibited from or completely unable to visit the Crimean peninsula. It is not true. Go there. You will like it.